Facebook connecting people……oops wrong slogan my bad…that’s Nokia’s! Well it’s been a few months now that I’ve been on Facebook and I must say it by far, more user friendly and interesting as compared to Friendster and the rest. Of course I was skeptical at first, not because of it’s potential but because I had doubts that it would ever be of use to me.

Then slowly as the months passed, I’ve managed to find some old friends not just here in Singapore but overseas. And having the means to stay in touch with them, be it a gentle poke or a message is simply heartwarming.

Then there are the simple games or activities within it that makes it even more worthwhile! For instance, there is scrabble, pirates, quizzes, sharing of art/grafitti and helluva lot more!

So what are you waiting for? Think of it as another simple and great way to stay in touch with your family and friends. Membership is free….hopefully it will stay that way and the news is that Facebook friends are outnumbering real ones! Go figure! ha ha

I’m a facebooker!…are you?

3 Responses

  1. me ish not!

  2. kate get it lah!!

  3. Well if you do decide to sign up Kate then you might want to consider adding your Apache friend ‘Hugging Bear’. *blinks*

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