Flock Browser 1.0

Wow! I just started using Flock Browser 1.0 and I must say I’m pretty impressed. No wonder it had dubbed itself the Social Web Browser! The integration of features like your favourite blog, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Photobucket and many more is marvelous. But like all new things it will take sometime to get use to even though the interface is almost identical to that of Firefox and Mozilla.

By the way I’m just into 15 minutes of playing around with it after download and have started using this easy to use; Built-in blog editor to post this entry into WordPress. Finally I’m able to choose between eight different fonts on the fly without HTML coding! Currently the only slight drawback is I cannot specify my category of post though I can still add tags. But hey I can write a quick post anytime with the greatest of ease. Wait a minute….instead of deleting what I just said,  as soon as I hit the ‘Publish’ button, an option to choose my existing categories popped up! Woo hoo!

Another cool feature is the Facebook sidebar where you can see all your friends and perform some of the common actions like poke, message, give a gift, send a link etc.

I’m sure there must be a whole lot more features of which I’ve yet to discover and use, so for now I’ll just say thank you to the creators!

If you want to, you can download it directly from their website.

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