Bodybuilding and Women – The Myth-Busters!

By Karen Sessions

Women and Weight Training Myth #1 – Weight training will make woman
huge and manly.

BUSTED – Like most people, when you think of women and weight
training you automatically relate that image to the professional
female bodybuilder strutting her oiled-up mammoth physique across
stage and striking a pose.

What’s NOT mentioned is that 99.9% of the professional female
bodybuilders supplement with steroids to develop superhuman

By the law of nature, women do not produce near the amount of
muscle building hormone, testosterone, necessary to build huge
swollen, vein-popping muscles.

A woman is just not capable of building that type of massive muscle
simply by lifting weights.

Bottom line: Weight training will NOT make a woman big and overly

Women and Weight Training Myth #2 – Women who weight train will
lose their breast size.

BUSTED – (pardon the pun) Breast tissue is made up of primarily fat
tissue.  When a woman burns off fat, this can result in smaller
breast size.

Weight training develops muscle tissue.  Adding strength training
will develop the underlying chest muscle on a woman and can add
more shape to her upper body, creating those eye-pleasing and sexy

In addition, a good chest training program will add stunning high
cleavage for that perfect fit in a dress or bikini.

To put it bluntly, the only way for a woman to lose her breast size
is if she loses a lot of body fat.

Women and Weight Training Myth #3 – A woman’s muscle will turn into
fat if she stops weight training.

BUSTED – There is an astronomical amount of women who won’t weight
train for fear their muscle will somehow magically turn into fat if
they stop weight training.

Again, muscle and fat are two completely different tissues
responsible for their own functions.

Muscle is metabolically active (calorie burning) and fat is
metabolically inactive (fat storing).

Muscle CANNOT Ever, In Any Case, turn into fat any more than fat
can turn into muscle. One can only build or lose muscle OR gain or
lose fat.

The two separate tissues are not interchangeable.

Women and Weight Training Myth #4 – Muscle weighs more than fat

BUSTED – It’s no wonder women believe this ridicules statement.

Dr. Phil has been known to say it in his highly publicized
weight-loss book.

It’s a fact that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the
same, a pound.

What most women don’t realize is that a pound of muscle is denser
and takes up less space than a pound of fat.

Therefore, having more developed muscle on the female frame with
less body fat will make her leaner, tighter, and give off that
“toned” look they are after.

Bottom line: Adding natural muscle mass through weight training
accentuates a lady’s femininity.

Endless Benefits for Women Who Weight Train:

Has training partner by default
Improves stamina
Improves sex life
Lifts and shapes the booty
Relieves depression
Builds a shapely physique
Improves posture
Controls weight
Builds positive self-image
Creates a positive attitude
Builds character
Boosts immune system
Clears the mind
Creates more energy
Benefits other sports
Raises resting metabolic rate
Slows the aging process
Decreases chance of injury
Builds a stronger heart
Creates anti-aging effect
Improves digestion
Relieves chronic pain
Builds stronger bones
Improves circulation
Improves flexibility
Lowers LDL (bad)
Increases HDL (good)
Lowers hypertension
Lowers risk for cancers
Lowers risk of heart disease
Lowers the risk of diabetes

A woman with a well-shaped body through weight training will feel
better about herself.

In addition, she’ll better understand the process you go through to
develop your physique, and have a better appreciation for weight

There’s a special bond with a couple that trains together.

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