Finally after declaring it a SF day I dragged myself to the gym. Oh GLM stands for Gym, Lunch & a Movie! I have been on leave for a week now but had done nothing constructive but laze at home. This is what happens when you have literally no choice but to clear your leave at the very last minute and hence had not made any prior plans.

Well I spent only about an hour fifteen minutes at the gym as I just kick started my fitness program and didn’t want to overdo it. Glanced at my watch after a shower and it was 1pm. Sheesh! I cannot emphasize enough just how much I hate the lunch time crowds, so to avoid the crowds I made my way to Gelare at Suntec for lunch. Perhaps it was because it was a wet Monday afternoon, because I somehow ended up with the whole place to myself! *wide grin* I ordered a special, which came with soup and read my book.

Tomato Soup with Croutons

Bratwurst Sausages with Sauerkraut,Onions,Radish,Potatoes and Lightly Toasted Ciabatta Bread

Then after a cup of long black, I decided to catch a movie………..


With heavyweights like Robert Redford & Meryl Streep how could one go wrong? They were superb in this one! Moreover Tom Cruise is proving himself to be a heavyweight himself, he is so convincing as the senator that he could or should actually run for office in real life. This is definitely a thinking man’s movie heavy set in dialogue, the only beef I have with it, is that while it gets to the point fast enough it also ends too abruptly. It always intrigues me to watch politicians in action especially when they have an agenda to sell. Personally I do not have a political bone in my body….well at least the last time I checked….anyhow my motto is to leave the politics to the politicians and to simply ensure that my vote counts!

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  1. argh..everyone says this is a good movie!! i haven’t watch it yet…

    am watching beowulf later..(tues evening) :]

  2. Orh, I’ll wait to rent the DVD for that one cos a full CGI movie is not something I would watch at the movies.

    Oh and be advised that the movie Lions for Lambs is not for everyone, it is about US politics, political journalism and every individuals right to act or be a bystander. Some may find this movie boring or that it is Redford’s feeble attempt to show us the state of American politics.

    I on the other hand loved it! 😉

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