To Infinity & Beyond Understanding!

A Scarlet Letter….

Well it’s been a few months now and finally it looks as though the skies are clearing up. I have mulled over it day in and day out and still the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ eludes me.

In my younger days, it would be inconceivable if I could not find the answers let alone satisfactory ones. But now with age, I’ve found that the answers are not always important nor would it make any difference in this space-time continuum.

Yes! of course I have my theories, however in the constant nature of things it will remain as such.

As the stone rolls so must I, or be punished with idle manifestations. And though it has been one of the most excruciating and trying times of my life, I still find solace in the waking memories of it’s birth and now it’s passing.

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