Our Christmas Tree

Well here’s to show you that I’m serious about getting into the Christmas Spirit! Yay! I can now strike off item one in the Todolist below….*grins*

Here is our seven year old Christmas Tree, that is if memory serves me right! Could be older….

Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree!

Almost every year I’ve thought of replacing the Angel on top with a Big Bright Star but each and every year as I gaze upon that angelic face, the urge to do so disappears.

*sings in Elvis’s voice* Angel….with those Angel eyes….

Our Christmas Guardian Angel

4 Responses

  1. in my house we dont even put up the christmas tree anymore. no space haha

  2. Erm..nowadays they have mini ones you know….or nice huge posters of Christmas Trees…hee hee lol

  3. WOw..i love your tree ,speaking of which..i should take my mini one out liao!!
    hey…will i be seeing u this thurs? sigh.. been so long already

  4. Thanks….well I’m on a 2nd night shift on that day, but most likely will show up, eat then leave for work.

    It’s at Marina Sq ya?

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