May I Grow Old Gracefully?

Depending on whether I can live to a ripe old age and perhaps given a chance to see some grand children, I wonder if I will be allowed to grow old gracefully?

What do I mean? Well our bodies were not built to last forever. With a little care and concern for our bodies early on in our lives, we may be able to extend the ‘expiry’ date. Even slowdown the onset of aging and the problems that come with it .

However when the body starts failing? Then what? Having to deal with knee problems, back problems, loss of sight, high blood pressure, arthritis are just a handful of the common ones. So with all these constant nagging pains, how graceful would I be?

Not being able to see clearly coupled with some or all of the ailments would make me clumsy and prone to accidents. If I am staying with family, then I might constantly worry about being a burden. It can really be downright depressing especially when I was once upon a time fit, able and independent.

The most troubling would be the deterioration of my mental faculties. Memory loss would be a sheer nightmare! Forgetting where I put my things just ten minutes earlier. Constantly repeating myself over and over again. And the most devastating, would be to lose some or all the wonderful memories accumulated over the years!

Then comes the most terrifying bit, losing the ability to imagine, to be creative and having to kiss mental acumen goodbye.

All each and everyone of us can pray or hope for, is to be allowed to grow old gracefully. And to have the love and support of family.

*sighs* Well for now……….Que Sera Sera

On a lighter note, perhaps I should get hold of this book instead! Ha ha….

2 Responses

  1. Looks like something I would read too. LOL

    Anyway, good to see this blog still doing as well. cheers mate!

  2. Yo Bro!…It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you!
    Hope all is good! 🙂

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