Buffet Lunch At Rang Mahal

Had lunch today at the Rang Mahal Restaurant in the Pan Pacific Hotel (Fine Dining Indian Cuisine), it was a year end treat from our Boss both to welcome the new ones on board as well as a farewell to those who had left. The lunch was at $43++ per head….now isn’t the Malay word for expensive, Mahal?

Sorry to disappoint but there are no pics to share for today, cos I just didn’t feel like taking my camera out in front of the whole group to start snapping away in the midst of our conversations. Let me begin by saying that the ambience of the restaurant was magnificent!

Perhaps it was because I went after a night shift, but I wasn’t very impressed with the spread. It was mostly vegetarian save for the two different chicken dishes and the prawns. Overall the food was Okay at best…..to me anyhow. What I did enjoy at the end was having my Naan with one of the chicken curries, mango chutney, coconut chutney and mint chutney.

What was of interest to me was at the end of the lunch. They placed a wooden box with two slots, one filled with some colourful spices and the other with tiny cubes of rock sugar. From my understanding it is served traditionally at the end, as a form of a ‘mouth freshener’ and perhaps even to bid you a sweet farewell. It is called ‘saunf’ which comprises of mainly fennel seeds which promotes digestion.

Here is a pic of ‘saunf’ I managed to get off the internet….

4 Responses

  1. too expensive.. had a chicken biriyani, one chicken tikka and 4 small bottles of kingfisher plain beers, each 330ml..

    bill – $158 something..

    too much attentive and talkative waiters, and when eating also they come and talk.. since i went alone, their attitude really sucks.. also, suddenly bought me a chef’s recommendation some sample item.. then after my food come.. he asked me twice.. shall i take away.. that chef’s sample.. then i told him to take it.. so damn.. then.. they were like always looking at us when we are eating.. which irritates me.. those waiter’s attitudes and work policy.. culture.. sucks to the core.. then, i was munching on my chicken tikka.. with a last bite left on the plate.. and the waiter asked ” can i clear it sir ” F ***** he doesnt know to disturb people when eating huh.. then i told him to take back.. too much angry.. not worth the money.. biriyani the quantity also so damn little.. no curry.. even a small restaurant outside in the little india offers so many condiments as compliments to go along with your biriyani.. here we must order all seperately.. wanted to order a chicken tandoori half.. but because of the stupid waiter.. told me its not recommended.. for single person since its too big.. its my problem, not his one, right? then he also asked me to go for some curry and some pulau rice.. see, some time i wonder whether he the customer or is it me.. totally waste of money and horrible expereince.. also last but not the least.. i got phoned and booked a table at pavilion but when i went there, they say its full and made me sit at other room.. totally sucks service.. with this attitude, i curse they lose their business..

    the settings are posh.. but not service.. we are paying so damn hefty.. but benefits.. 0 as waiters need to go some crash course soon!!!

    people who come there to eat, need to be in peace.. the waiters must do less talking, more useful actions.. irritating.. and frustrated.. cant help it.. so venting out here..

  2. Sheesh what a terrible experience, well thanks for sharing….the standard must have dropped since my one and only visit.

    Well cheers mate! 😉

    Perhaps you could share where one might great indian cuisine at reasonable prices?

  3. I think that was a one off time, which I am surprised about.

    I’ve been going to Rang Mahal now for many years and the service has never been that atrocious. Compared to other Indian restaurans I would say its the best…ever.

    Either you are used to eating at Robuchon’s restaurants and expect the same from Rang Mahal or you just got a one off experience. Either way, I still love my Rang Mahal. But I do agree that Dinner is better than Lunch. I love how they present the dishes! So pretty! 🙂

    Go again and give it a shot. Otherwise, like you mentioned stick to your little India eateries and I will stick to mine.

    • Well my experience was fine and I doubt Kumar will return here for updates…anyhow cheers!

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