Book Review – A Thousand Bones By P.J. Parrish

This is a wonderfully written book and my first from the Author….or should I say Authors. Apparently P.J Parrish (Pen name) is a unique collaboration of two sisters living in separate states. Funny how I picked this one? Because from what I’ve come to learn is that this book is actually a spin-off from their Louis Kincaid Series and the fans are hoping that this book is a start of a whole new one.

This book has the potential of being made into a Blockbuster Thriller! And if it did, it would most likely be rated M18 or R21.

You can easily identify with the characters and even feel like a resident living in that town. With the Authors’ careful attention to detail, you can easily smell the forest, the dirt, the lake and even the crisp winter air. And the real page-turner is the hunt for a truly unique serial killer!

Synopsis :

A woman cop.

A haunting memory….

The only female detective in the Miami PD’s Homicide division, Joe Frye has memories that haunt her, and a past that not even her lover, detective Louis Kincaid, truly knows. It began when Joe was an ambitious rookie cop in a small Michigan town called Echo Bay….

The bones found in the woods were the first clue in a string of unimaginably brutal murders of young women. Plunged into a heated investigation — and caught between the dictates of a reluctant local sheriff and the state police — Joe soon uncovers the chilling truth: In the dead of winter in the Michigan woods, she must face down a predator who has chosen her as a worthy opponent — or become his next victim.

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