Chicken Jules

The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling! Ahhhhhhhh!…….ha ha

Well it sure seemed that way this afternoon when I was making my way to work. It was pouring so hard, the rain started seeping through my umbrella onto to my head. Parts of the pathways and roads leading to the train station were beginning to flood and so my shoes, socks and jeans were soaked.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it is to be sitting down in the train all wet with the aircon on? Then getting off the seat at your stop and having someone give you a dagger stare, then look back at your seat as if to tell you that ‘your wetting of the seat was so bloody inconsiderate!’ ……gees! for heaven’s sake! I didn’t even know my ass was wet, I was afterall carrying an umbrella ella ella eh eh eh…..(couldn’t resist).

I had the good sense to purchase three pairs of socks at $5 from the Pasar Malam (Night Market) for later. Hmmm wait a minute, just realised what I just typed might seem odd to you. No I didn’t need three pairs because I was planning get them wet over and over, it was just cheaper to buy three at a go. And yes the market is open from late morning all the way past midnight, it’s just easier for us locals to understand the type of market I’m referring to. *winks*

Anyhow when I got to the office I took off my shoes and socks, placed them as close as I could to the aircon to dry off….not very effective I know. Put on the jacket I had stowed away in my locker and some slippers. It is fortunate that my work area is within an enclosed room, which our department affectionately calls our ‘fish tank’….hmmm so I guess that would make us the little fishies eh? Anyhoo I did my job all the way in that condition till I clocked out.

Put on my new pair of socks, my damp shoes, clicked my heels and home again was I……ha ha

3 Responses

  1. payong…payong…payong…

  2. big feet…..

    *runs away*

  3. *glares at comments*


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