Packaged Banking

I never had a savings account with OCBC Bank, never even considered having one because I simply never liked the logo! I mean a Junk Ship? I’ve had and still maintain some accounts like POSB nice Key logo,  UOB the one with the logo that reminds me of ice cream, OUB with the gold coin before they merged with UOB, and lastly DBS only because they merged with POSB.  Not that I even have money in any of these banks’ accounts! ha ha.  Besides many moons ago, I don’t recall OCBC having that many branches at easily accessible  locations.


The only links I have with OCBC is the Robinson card and the NTUC Linkpoints linked Credit card. Then when I learnt they had outsourced some of their key credit card operations to Malaysia, I thought NO WAY was I going to open a banking account should they outsource that part too. ( security concerns)

Then just about a week and a half ago, those sneaky guys at OCBC made me an offer I could not refuse! No I don’t mean they pulled a ‘GodFather’ on me, they just offered to upgrade my NTUC credit card to Platinum with the following features :

  • Greater and faster NTUC Linkpoints accumulation when shopping with their partnered merchants.
  • Annual Fee Waiver
  • Starter Savings Account ( With Nets Link )
  • Same Credit Card Facility
  • Embedded Chip – EZlink card function which can be used on the MRT trains, buses or shops like 7-Eleven.

All I had to do was say Yes and fax or mail in the reply form! Well let’s see if they can maintain or better their service to their customers……

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