Graduation Cum Year End Concert

It was a loooong day, the kids had to report in to school by 10:00am and would later get onto the school bus to the Spring Auditorium after they had their lunch.

So the Mrs and I made our way to meet up with my sister (the children’s godmother) and Joshua for lunch at Colbar. Honestly the food there is nothing to rave about, though I know quite a few people who love to eat there. Perhaps it’s because it stands for Colonial Bar, so it’s some kinda heritage thinghy?? Anyhow what is important is that we were in good company *winks*

We reached the Auditorium at approximately 2:05pm which was way too early as they only started at approximately 2:40pm. Pity a lot of the pictures I took didn’t turn out that great because I took them seated down. After all they had a professional photographer taking the shots as well as a videographer for the DVD which we already pre-ordered. Furthermore I thought it would be inconsiderate of me, if I were to block the views of the other families seated down.

So here are a few pics which did not turn out too bad. Just one other Concert item followed by Seth’s and Kenan’s item entitled ‘Cuddle’s Ark’. Seth played ‘Noah’ and Kenan a Tiger! Oh and you will see some post concert pics both at the vicinity of the Auditorium and the Turquoise Room where we had high tea later.

Waiting to collect their Graduation Certificates

Seth all dolled up…….

Master Seth receiving his Bachelor’s Degree *sniff* ha ha

1st Concert Item..

Unga chaga Unga Unga!

Doin’ the Dinosaur….

Cuddle’s Ark…Noah is in the middle with the Mrs.

Kenan is the Tiger standing on the right…


The girl he likes is Mrs Noah (Valerie)…..Standing on his left

Y….M….C….A! ha ha

Shake it to the left…you do the hokey pokey…..

Reach for the stars!

I’ll only smile when you take the mask off!

My Godma’s a pussy cat…..hee hee

Ouch!…you’re suppose to use baby lotion to remove the makeup!

Yeah….Seth has left the building….no more autographs please!

Time to unwind…..

This is how you secure Rihanna…erm I mean an Umbrella!

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