Sunday At St Anthony’s

Yay! it was about time I made my way back to Church besides I had to think about registering Seth for Sunday Class. Unfortunately we were told that registration was closed and all the classes were full. (which is a good sign….I mean that people have not lost their faith)

Anyhow we were told that we can get hold of the syllabus for next year and teach it to him on our own. Then the following year, he’ll be able to join in the regular classes at their current level.

Oh and interesting sermon about resisting the urge to give Christmas presents and not being like a reed blowing in the direction of the wind, celebrating Christmas the way it should be celebrated and giving the gift of love…..

Here are some pics taken in the vicinity…..

Trying hard to smile after a scolding…


I’m actually a Garden Gnome…

Gave up figuring how to use the contraption behind me…
I’ll pretend it’s a fan!

2 Responses

  1. awww…the kids are so cute! i love the garden gnome hehehee

    and yeah..u got me fooled…really thought u were away

  2. The father gnome ain’t too bad…*blinks*

    And all in good fun dear….*hugs*

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