Day Trip To Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Mall


Wanted to try out shopping (Christmas Shopping that is) at the new Aeon Tebrau City Shopping mall aka Jusco! in Johor Bahru….erm okay so it’s not that ‘New’ any longer since it had opened it’s doors in early 2006. We took a cab there which cost us RM20 for an approximately 6-7km ride. It seems you don’t have a choice to request for a metered fare which would probably have cost about RM14. We arrived at the shopping mall at about 1130am to find that it was a huge and gradual U-shaped building. The shops inside I would say is comparable with those found in Vivio City in Singapore.

Feeling a little peckish, we stopped over at Old Town Kopi Tiam where I had a hazelnut coffee, a set of Kaya Toast, Peanut butter toast and half boiled eggs. Frances had a regular Old Town coffee, eggs and garlic toast. I dare say the coffee and food was better than Ya Kun and Killiney Kopi Tiam.

After four hours of shopping, just after the expert gift wrapper from Toys R Us finished with the last present for our kids we decided to have lunch. After scanning the whole array of food choices we decided on East Court for Tim Sum and roast selection sets. Didn’t take pics of all the food we had cos it would have made us look like a pair of gluttons *chuckles*

Chicken and Roast Duck Rice

Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew

Fried Prawn Dumpling ( Two already eaten)

The Interior of East Court ( Forgot to take the Entrance Pic)

After another 3hrs of shopping we decided to head on to CitiSquare shopping mall for coffee and cake at Secret Recipe. Unfortunately they were closed for their Annual Dinner and Dance so went to Coffee Bean instead. After a German Cheescake, Carrot Cake, Cappuccino and Latte it was more shopping! Boy was I pooped!

Finally at the Causeway all tuckered out, we met a Chinese driver who offered to drive us home to our doorstep for $15 of which we wholeheartedly agreed.

Next trip there I’m going to try taking the Causeway link bus 9B (outside Public Bank) to Aeon Tebrau City Shopping mall. I hear it’s only Rm 2.00 though it’s not very regular and most likely a 20 minute wait.


7 Responses

  1. hey.i wanna go!! never been sua koo.. and i heard so much of another place…danga bay…

    the only places in JB i go to are citysq and this stupid car wash my fren goes to.. :X

  2. Hmmm well we could organise one, after Christmas before New Year?

    Well there are quite a few malls, Pelangi, Angsana (a little like Lucky Plaza) and one or two others.

    Danga Bay….isn’t that more of a recreational thinghy?

  3. in JB i go to holiday plaza, pelangi and a few others. i been to tebrau city twice. very upmarket

  4. There isn’t much to shop at Holiday plaza is there? Besides DVDs?? And wow! You seem to be a regular no? 😉

  5. hi, i’ve been there once but forgotten how. Thks for the trip info.

    • You’re most welcome….cheers! : )

  6. I honestly don’t know, I’ll look it up when I have the time. Sorry

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