Kublai Khan Meets Hoomiko

Well not exactly….it was just another fun filled evening with the 30s crowd. I met up with Eileen early for coffee at Dhoby Xchange, in a place called Just Acia. As I was feeling a little peckish, I ordered some steamed dumplings and a spinach Toufu. And washed them down with a latte, I was surprised to learn that this $2.95 drink could be refilled at a self service kiosk. Also it was a real treat to receive a small gift from them.

Orange Juice & Latte

Spinach Toufu

Steamed Dumplings

Free Waterproof Fila Pouch

We then made our way to ParkMall to meet the rest of the guys for dinner at the Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant. As we were still early we decided to freshen up and browse at some furniture which majority of the stores there carry. Came across this cute signage….

Cute Signage
The Restaurant Signage
Entrance / Reception Area With Ivan & Randy
The Chemical Duo….Randy Savage & Kong Yee
Guy on the far right fell asleep standing up while waiting..
Always wanted a Mongolian Tee Shirt….hmmmm
Winston!….Former Rapper of Run DMC
We are……actually smiling….you should see our serious faces!
Batman & Catwoman
Don’t you just love the guy with the goatee…
I’m giving you my best profile *winks*
What an adorable friendly pair we make….
*Bubble Thought From The Pair Facing away*
What in tarnation does she think she’s doing?????
The Rose among the…………

The entrance of the restaurant reminded me of some sleazy massage parlour, but the dining area itself was normal, clean and nice.Our dinner reservation was for 12 pax at 7 pm however we were made to wait almost 45mins because the whole restaurant was booked by some Japanese Secondary School which apparently arrived there late, hence our long wait. So we chatted, joked and laughed while we sipped on our soft drinks which were served to appease us.

Well for $35 nett a head the food selection was quite good, I’ll list just some of the more expensive items. Shashimi, Oysters, Prawns, Crabs and Sharkfin soup. I particularly liked the mushroom soup and Teppanyaki.

Mantou, Chilli Crab, Shashimi, Honey Chicken, Shishamo, Tuna,

grilled fish and Wasabi

Mussels, Sea Cucumber and lord knows what else….

My pastry covered creamy mushroom soup!

More Chilli Crab and Buttered Prawns

Teppanyaki Chef and his 360 frying technique

Sure looks to me like some Shaolin Cooking Appartus…

The end product…my very own selection of beef, pork,

bean sprouts, spring onions, onions, mushrooms and fresh cut chilli.

Boy can he eat!

I have a nice big smile cos I have 14 yrs more before I turn 30 hee hee


Take this pic and you’re dead!

Ha ha you’re not getting any juices on me!!

Well we all sure had lots of fun! But six of us wanted a little more, and if you have figured it out by now….well Hoomiko isn’t the name of one of the Japanese Students but a Karaoke pub! With Fosters Beer on Tap! Woo hoo!


Introducing Hoomiko! ( Jalan Besar )
The Shy Taiwanese Idol…
Eileen & Liz

After a wild night of dancing, singing and 5-6 jugs of beer for the guys it was time to head on home. Damn I wish I went to the restroom before I got in the cab…..it was a painful experience all the way home! *chuckles*

4 Responses

  1. is the young dude skyyyy?

  2. Right on! 😉

  3. who is the dark skin fellow?

  4. Ahem!….membership has it’s privileges….for access to that information you’ll need to join in the fun at the next outing!

    (¯`’·ø,¸¸.¸ ‹(•¿•)›¸.,ø’,’¯)

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