Tech. Woes And My Sick Phone

According to Murphy’s Law “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!”

First I got a letter from Starhub stating that I will have to upgrade my cable Set-Top box to Digital from Analogue if I want to continue watching the Kid’s Disney Chanel.

Then yesterday my Sony-Ericsson phone which had served me well for a whole year and two months started having problems. I could not get the camera function to work and a thick line magically appeared on my menu option. Powering it off and on didn’t work neither did a full master reset.

Well I decided to kill two birds with one stone and set off first to Plaza Singapura to get the Set-Top box exchanged. To think that I was in the exact same area yesterday evening *sighs* It was a one and a half hour wait before I could finally settle that.

Then went all the way down to Wisma Atria to the Sony-Ericsson service centre to find that I had to wait at least two hours minimum. My queue number was 0200 and the current queue at that time was showing 0132! They took the phone in for servicing and said they would call me back two days later with a quotation for the repairs as my warranty had expired in Oct. Took my Sim Card which they returned to me and placed it in my spare phone to find that I could not unlock my Sim Card because the ‘1’ on the spare phone was not working and so I could not enter the full Pin!! What other choice did I have?? Wait maybe a week without a phone or buy a new spare phone?

Rushed back home to pick my son up from school and then tried to install the new digital box. Gees it took me about half an hour to figure it out and to get it working! Well I must say the features that comes bundled with it is worth all the effort.

Oh well……so I’m a little exhausted and a little poorer…..Life still goes on……

*Update As at 23rd Dec 2007 1900hrs* They called and quoted me $274 for repairs i.e. to replace the LCD Screen and some connector! Bah! Humbug! Well looks like it’s shopping for a new one……*sniff*

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