Lunch At Botak Jones Woodgrove,Lucky Prata & More…

I must say we were pleasantly surprise at the wonderful service accorded to us by the staff of Botak Jones Woodgrove.  You see I had ordered lunch and two Oreo Cheesecakes for desert to be served later.  However midway through lunch, we were told that they had run out of Oreo Cheesecakes and requested to know if they could substitute them with other flavours.  We declined their offer as we were were already full, besides we were looking forward to the Oreo Cheesecakes only.  Then at the end of our meal they served us complimentary cheesecakes! Mango & Chocolate flavoured.  They manage to Wow! us.

Why are we waiting ? Why? Why? Why?


Homemade Lime & Sour Prune and Iced Lemon Tea!


Chicken Caesar Salad


Beef Hotdog Set


 My half eaten Botak Burger with an extra egg…



Look Dad I’m eating my veggies…


Me Too!….See…


Mango Cheesecake


Chocolate Cheesecake


Personalised Bill..see my name? *chuckles*



Wonder what look Kenan is going for?? (Causeway Point.)


Say Zeesh!


We know his a fake! Since when presents come with an installment plan?


Yay! We’re all festive…great..


Peeka Boo at our void deck…


Guess where Lucky Prata is at?????


Eating my favourite Cheese Naan!


I’m shocked! You mean you haven’t guessed that it’s in Lucky Plaza??


Alrighty Folks! Time to Relac one corner!



4 Responses

  1. eek..your blog is snowing..or was that dandruff!!?

    hahhha…why is the little one sleeping on top of the plastic container? hhaha

    now u are making me crave for botak jones -_-“”

  2. It snows in Blogsville till Jan 02…..and he just likes to fool around once in a while…hee hee

    Oh the cheesy fries is to die for…..hmmmmm *blinks*

  3. lucky prata is in lucky plaza rite?

  4. *coughyes!cough*

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