That Which Brings A Smile..0.1

On the way to work, while in the MRT train I looked up to see this AD which just brought on a smile…….and Yes! I am working on New Year’s Day! Bah!

What will they think of next??? Hmmmmmm

Anyway I think this one has been out there for more than 6 months already…..just saw it myself gees! ha ha

0.03mm Okamoto 0.03 Platinum condom
versus 0.06mm Other brand normal latex condom.

OKAMOTO® Industries Inc. one of the world’s leading manufacturers of condoms is proud to introduce its thinnest condom ever made –
Zero Zero Three Platinum

0.03 Millimeters Thin: Our Thinnest Condom for Maximum Feel
Big advancements in our manufacturing processes have allowed us to develop a condom made with a special latex compound that is only 0.03 millimeters in thickness. This is half the thickness of normal latex condoms and provides for maximum feel.

Easy On
Zero Zero Three Platinum has been manufactured so that it unrolls smoother than normal latex condoms, allowing the user to put the condom on quickly and more securely.

No More Rubber Smell
Technology unique to Okamoto has allowed us to remove protein and water soluble materials in the latex used for manufacturing of the condoms. This means that the strong latex smell that is present in many other brands of condoms is absent in Okamoto Zero Zero Three Platnium condoms.

2 Responses

  1. ahem..have u tried it ?:P

    *i think u dun need hor?* hahhaha

  2. Not yet……soon….maybe hee hee

    Well I don’t particularly like to use them but then again it’s better to be safe yes?

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