Back To School~Kids!

Boy does time fly!….. Well today Kenan begins K1 which is a full day for him, because I figured he will have a better opportunity to bond with his classmates as well as learn a whole lot more. So this little hobbit had two breakfasts, Wan Tan Noodles and eggs.

Seth on the other hand is a Kaya Toast and Eggs man, and for him it’s Primary 1 today.

The Little Hobbit….

Bet You didn’t look this good in Primary 1 Dad!

Seth’s In Uniform!

Getting Ready For Recess at the Canteen

Looking on at examples of how to purchase foodstuff

A little guidance at the Tuckshop (wow it’s been ages since I’ve used that word)

An Old Friend from Kindergarten…

2 Responses

  1. Oh they still call it the tuckshop after so many decades! 😮

  2. I don’t think so, I think they are referred to as canteens these days…..just reminiscing lah 😉

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