Wedding Dinner@Meritus Mandarin

It’s been a while since I attended a Chinese Wedding dinner, mind you I am not complaining as these days such dinners are really expensive! Besides most friends of the same age group are already married, so that leaves the younger ones and colleagues.

It was an interesting night, first there were chinese dancers and singers performing very old songs from the 50, 60s & 70s. Even the compere was a TCS actor, don’t recall his name but there is a pic of him on the big screen later. Then there was a montage of the couple followed by a video of the solemnization and what happened earlier that morning with the bargaining etc. the tea ceremony.  Oh and every time a picture was taken throughout the dinner, it would appear on two large movie screens! Cool yeah?

While dinner was being served, there was a live band performing some English Jazzy tunes and old hits like “That’s Amore”  and “Fly Me to The Moon”  Oh did I mention that the menu for the evening even had a picture of the Wedding Couple! The food was good, though nothing to scream about.  And I had quite a fair bit of wine and beer…potent combination I tell yer! Hmmmm and the babes at my table….hee hee well we had fun laughing and merry making.

 Earlier that evening…

Closer look at the menu with couple’s pic

What’s the name of this TCS star?

My table mates…

Gorgeous eh?

Cheeky!…my kinda crowd….

Ms. Photogenic & Ms Congeniality….

Barney the Dinosaur & Friend….

2 Responses

  1. my my…aren’t you a lucky dino at the dinner!? hehehee

    oh..that guy.. marcus chin.. some ah pek liao..

  2. heh heh…wouldn’t you say the girls were lucky instead? To have dino present with them?…. ha ha

    And thanks for the name….Henry Thia was there too!


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