Hey this is a great service brought to you by NTUC.  Basically it’s a free email forwarding service so hurry and sign up and you may still be able to get the address you want.  Not sure if it’s open for our pals overseas though….

What is LittleRed.SG?LittleRed.SG is a free email forwarding service. It offers you a permanent home for your email, so whether you’re trying to net that first job, set up business contacts or just stay in touch with old friends, this is the only address you’ll ever need.

How does it work?

All mail sent to your LittleRed.SG address is automatically forwarded to your current active email provider. If you ever change providers, all you have to do is to update your forwarding infomation with us and your mails will be automatically re-directed. You save the hassle of having to inform all your family and friends of your new address.

Are there ads in LittleRed.SG?

There are no pop-ups or banners ads in LittleRed.SG.

Ads will never be inserted into the body of text of either incoming or outgoing LittleRed.SG messages.

However, you may receive from time to time some small and unobtrusive emails alongside your LittleRed.SG messages. This is for us to communicate with you on some of our latest promotions. In fact, LittleRed.SG users have even told us they’ve found our messages to be interesting and even useful.

What about privacy?

LittleRed.SG respect our users’ privacy. We take very serious committment to ensure and safeguard the confidentiality of our users’ information.

How many emails do I get?

You are entitled to unlimited numbers of forwards.

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info, I’ve already registered but haven’t received the mail from them to activate the account. How long did it take you. I registered this morning. Somethings wrong with mine I think.

    Well anyway, I’m off to board the plane soon. Just wanna let you know I love you and miss you guys already.

    Kenan was so sweet…he was really really sad 🙂

  2. How did you even type this message? Thought you already boarded the plane? Do you have a lappy? Anyhow it was less then a minute before I got the activation link.

    Have a great trip! Love you too! 🙂

  3. hee hee wonders of technology…free internet at the airport !

    Well it’s been a day and no activation email…sigh….also, registered for another name….still no activation email…:(

  4. Perhaps you may want to check your spam folder as it could have been intercepted by Yahoo.

    Having fun yet?

  5. urrrggg…i trash my spam

  6. Well I signed one up for you, using mom’s details.

    It’s gerry

    All mails will be forwarded to your yahoo account.

    Call me on my us no. for the rest of the details if you want them urgently.


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