This Type of Money Cannot Save!

No it has nothing to do with any currency issues! ha ha

It’s just a loose translation of a Chinese saying that is more often used in the giving of bereavement money (monetary gift). In other words, one should not be calculative or stingy about it. I have heard some other uses which include times when someone is throwing a lunch or dinner party.

Somehow using the terms ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ or ‘do not cut corners’ just doesn’t come across as effectively and may only be used in a limited capacity. That is why I sometimes love to use terms from different languages, cultures or ethnicities as they seem to convey a certain point far better than the English language can without being too ‘draggy’.

I have one recent incident in which I think the term applies…… You see I had developed an itch on my wrist where my watch sits about two and a half weeks ago. Well it happens from time to time because I don’t usually like to take off my watch. In fact I more often than not, wear it 24hrs a day. Well anyhow the itch started to spread a little and looked more like a fungal infection. So I trotted down to the pharmacy, to where they kept their anti-fungal creams and was literally spoilt for choice. I decided that I didn’t want to spend that much money so I bought their in-house brand for only $4.00

One and a half weeks later and still there was little improvement. So I finally went back to the pharmacy and bought a $20.85 one. Three days later, the rash and infection were totally cleared! That is why when it comes to medication, it is often wise to go for the best or at least second best (not anything too far below).

Hmmm……..let me see…..Oh okay… are just a few more examples to consider…

  • If you enjoy eating Roast Duck Rice, it is better to order a thigh or you are likely to end up with more bones and less flesh.
  • Try purchasing a pirated DVD instead of an Original to watch your eagerly awaited movie and you may end up disappointed when the quality is bad.
  • Buy a cheaper alternative softener for your clothing or dishwashing liquid and you might end up disappointed when your clothing does not seem softer nor does it smell as good or that you seem to need more of the dishwashing liquid to get the desired cleanliness.
  • By a cheap DVD player to find that it either doesn’t play all regions well or slightly scratched discs cannot be read at all.

So there you are! Get my drift? *winks*

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