National Treasure : Book Of Secrets

Plot Outline : Treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) looks to discover the truth behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by uncovering the mystery within the 18 pages missing from assassin John Wilkes Booth’s diary.  

Okay maybe I’m one of the last remaining to catch the movie, anyhow I just caught it today.   I have to say I enjoyed the movie! This movie is what I would call ‘Implausible Good Fun!’ Now isn’t that what movies are for? To entertain?  If you are one of those who kept finding fault with it’s plausibility etc. Hey that’s what documentaries are for!

Just loved the humour and pairing of Nicolas Cage and Justin Bartha.  Diane Kruger, Jon Voight and Helen Mirren added to the fun mix.  And Ed Harris is definitely one of my favourite actors! He is so versatile he can play either the Good Guy or Bad Guy with tremendous ease and you will end up either loving or hating the character he plays.

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