What A Challenging Start For Seth!

Talk about growing pains!

Poor boy first had to battle with the EBV virus second day into Primary School. Then he had to look on while his classmates were having fun at their first P.E. lesson.

Then he was grilled by me when he came home with his pencil case missing. Apparently the boy seated in front of him in Chinese Class wanted to have a closer look at his nice ‘Transformers’ pencil. After which he took it back and placed it in his school bag and that was the last he saw of it. I asked him to ask the boy if he had seen it the next day and the boy told Seth that he had left it in the Chinese Class. The boy kept it aside for him and returned it to him.

Just recently I routinely asked him how he spent his pocket money and he claimed he couldn’t remember. I started to grill him again to learn that he had a drink and lent of one of his classmates 50 cents. The boy had requested a loan of a dollar, but Seth claimed he didn’t have that on him. I then enquired if the boy was hungry or something and didn’t have money on him. I was told the boy actually used the money he borrowed to buy some magnet at the school bookshop.

I then proceeded to give Seth a long lecture about being careful with money and if he felt that if wanted to help a poor friend out then that it was okay but to be very careful not to be taken for a ride. I then insisted he ask the boy back for the money the next day as it was suppose to be loan. And well he got his money back.

I have to remind myself that at his age, all of them are still pretty innocent and sometimes just don’t know any better. They are after all at a stage where they will be exposed to lots of new things and experiences and they will have to sometimes fight their own little battles.

Well even so….parents do worry…..on just about everything!

4 Responses

  1. hehehe..must teach him to fight back :X

    oops hahahah.. kidding. i recalled being bullied by some girls when i was in pri .school. hated them..yet i was quite meek then..sigh..

  2. He is mild mannered until provoked….

    anyhow let’s see if anyone tries and bully you now yeah? ha ha

  3. hello hello….
    Thought they have a “buddy” to buy food for them during recess?

  4. Nope…If I’m not wrong it was only on the first day. The teachers were there to assist.


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