Sweet Child O’ Mine…

The two boys can be a real handful, my little rascals! But every now and then when you least expect it, they surprise you with their loving sweetness.

On one occasion, I brought Kenan with me to buy something at the coffee shop.  We walked along some hedges of Ixoras and he insisted on picking some.  I asked him what he wanted them for? And he replied that he wanted them to give Mummy and Nanny(grandma).

Then when I was bedridden in December with a high fever, he lay down beside me and placed his tiny hand on my forehead.  Soon I felt a slight vibration from his hand and so asked him what he was trying to do.  He looked at me and said, “I’m giving you power so you can get better.”  *sniff*

Seth too has his moments……When he returned home from school yesterday, I asked him what he had to eat at the canteen during recess.  He replied that he did not having  anything to eat or drink as he wasn’t hungry nor thirsty.  I then told him to put his pocket money into his piggy bank and watched while he put it only fifty cents.

I asked him what had happen to the rest of it, and told me that he had purchased something at the bookshop. He didn’t eat or drink anything because he was afraid I would scold him for spending too much money.  I asked him what he bought and he decided to show me instead.  He took out an artificial flower from his school bag and gave it to his grandmother who had fetched him home.  When she left, he told me that he had actually bought it for his mother but since the grandmother was there, he decided to give it to her instead.

*sings* Woah Oh Oh Oh sweet child o’ mine!…

4 Responses

  1. He is so sweet……

  2. Most young children are…goes with their innocence no? ha ha

  3. if only humans can learn from kids time to time…i mean their pure hearts and innocence..then the world would be a much better place to live in … 🙂

  4. I agree with you Eileen, hmm pretty sure there was an entry from Julesplife days about “‘Looking through the eyes of a child” 😉

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