Zoo Revisited Jan 2008

Whitening Spa Treatment
Are you talking to me?..I say are you talking to me??
Hungry Hippo
Me Cutsie pose…..
Tiny the Sea Lion…
Me and my shadow…
Kissy Fish….hee hee
See the baby hippo….
And they call me pygmy….you should see some of the people I’ve seen!
Driving Mr. Lazy….
You coming on board??
Baby Sitting is no joke…..
Vulcan Greeting…
I Give New Meaning to ‘Baby Elephant ‘
I come from India…..hee hee
Outside our tree home….
I think I left my water bottle up there!…

2 Responses

  1. oh gosh…the cutie pose…so so cute…those doe eyes 😛 hehehe

  2. Wah Mah Si Ane Kuan Kong…hee hee 😉

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