Selsun & Miconic 10

Both totally unrelated but I just felt like blogging about them because they have tweaked my interest.

Let’s talk about the latter first, Miconic 10 is a revolutionary elevator scheduling and traffic managment system by Schindler and is already installed in my office building.  It will be going ‘live’ very soon.  Basically how it works is that we key-in the floor we want  and an alphabet appears on screen designating the lift that will take us there. 


It hence brings people to their destinations sooner than any conventional elevator control by grouping together people travelling to the same destination floor.  This reduces the number of immediate stops and thereby improves the elevator system’s efficiency.

The other cool bit is that my access card which I normally use to gain entry to the elevator landing, now automatically displays the designated lift to my floor as I tap the panel for entry.

In time to come, all it will take is a retina scan eh? hee hee

Okay now I want to bring to your attention a product I used to treat my dandruff problem many years ago.  It’s been almost eight years since I last used the product which works with amazing results.  I actually first bought it to try while I was in Australia, it is cheaper there since it is also made there.  It now costs $17.20 here and can be found at Guardian Pharmacy. 

The reason for the renewed interest, is that I have developed white spots on my arms and back area. What has it got to do with a dandruff shampoo? Precisely! Apparently it contains Selenium Sulphide and can be used to treat Tinea Versicolor which is the medical term for white spots.  In fact on the back of the bottle, it states to apply undiluted on affected areas and leave for ten minutes.  Then rinse off thoroughly, this has to be repeated daily for one week. 

Yowza! Ain’t it funny how one can totally miss out on the alternate treatment bit when one was only concerned about the problem in hand?


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