I Love The Scent Of A Woman

Well actually I’m referring to the 1992 movie starring Al Pacino & Chris O’Donnell hee hee

The award winning performance by Mr Pacino in which you see his character the blind Col. Slade going through a whole range of emotions and the perfect pairing of a young man (Chris) fighting for what he believes to be right, though a little unsure perhaps because he has never had a real father figure in his life.  And who can forget the beautiful Gabrielle Anwar whose ten minute performance still left a lasting impression.

Hmmm the title also brings back memories of the time spent on PulauTekong during my basic military stint there.  I remember distinctly being able to appreciate with intense pleasure, the perfumery of women on the buses back home from the island.  Well what do you expect when all you get is sweaty jungle smells on the island! *chuckles*

By the way does anyone know if the perfume ‘Fleur De Rocaille’ has a nice scent? I believe it’s by Caron.

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