Oh My Dosh!

*Sniff* Saw this really cool wallet today at Suntec and though it costs an affordable $89.00 here, however I personally cannot afford it at this time. Anyhow it will be a luxury item for me as I have one or two more unused wallets.

Besides it only has four compartments for cards, which isn’t quite enough for me lest I use it only for travel. On the 2nd picture if you can see clearly it has quite a nifty compartment where you could stow away a single key, codoms, memory stick etc.

If I ever do get one in the near future, I might go for the red or orange one instead of the white, brown or black.

The award winning Dosh wallet is designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia. (Product Design Award 2008) The unique blend of flexible and semi-flexible polymers created a wallet that is durable, stylish, and packed with clever features for modern lifestyles. The patented design consists of purpose designed areas for storage of credit cards, notes, as well as a unique integrated compartment for items including sim cards, keys, condoms and security cards. All of these features are packaged in a funky form that is moulded in a range of vivid contemporary colours. Wallet overall dimensions are 120mm x 98 mm x 13.5 mm.

Key features:

  • Bank note area accommodates all currencies including US dollar and Euro notes.
  • Unique integrated compartment designed for storing business cards, keys, condoms and security cards.
  • Quick access area for safely storing credit cards, driving licence and other magnetic cards.
  • Made with thermoplastic polyurethane material that is durable and water resistant.

Heh heh….looks like the designers had the same ideas on the usage for the compartment…cos I just read their listed features and it more or less matched mine right on top *winks*

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