3am Leaky Blues!

Arrrrrggggggghhhhhh!  I just hate it when my nose gets all leaky especially when I really need my sleep!  Just wish that was a way to maybe take a tiny wrench to the faucet of my nose and just shut it off! SHEESH! 

Had to wake up at 3am to get a tab of ‘piriton’ (chloropheniramine)  out of the medicine cabinet, dry swallow and wait for about half an hour before the medicine started to take effect. 

And then……….YUP! you guessed it! I was late for work this morning!!! ARRRRGHHHH!

Well…a little zombified in the office I decided to slowly sip on a strong brew of coffee and just catch my breath.  Went through a few friends blogs and found that Eileen’s had an interesting entry about creating your own comic strip.  Well just for fun I created one, however I cannot embed it at wordpress so here is the link or just click in the strip below.


It was kinda fun so I did another one….


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