How Do You Synchronise Time Accurately In SG?

In other words, if your watch is too fast or even slow for that matter then how do you get the correct time to adjust your watch accordingly.

This question may be simple enough for some of you to answer but lately I seem to be having fewer options then in the past. Here are some of the ways that I use to do it and in some cases still do :-

  • Refer to Pre-Broadcast or End Broadcast Clock by TCS (SBC back then) but now with SCV this option no longer seems available .
  • Dial 1711 ( Still active today but charges 10 cts per call )
  • Refer to the clock on the Analog SCV SetTop Box but having switched to the Digital one it no longer comes with a clock.
  • Refer to Teletext ( Top Right Hand Corner )
  • Internet GreenwichMeantime ( Though not sure if it picks up the local PC Time)
  • Internet ( Works if it can connect to the server as intended via Java otherwise it will reflect your PC time. )

Have you got a better and more reliable source?

By the way here is another interesting Faq :-

Is there an authority on Singapore time? How is time in Singapore set at present?

Currently time services in Singapore are available through the Time Announcement Service of Singapore Telecom (telephone number 1711) as well as through television broadcasts provided by the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS). These are widely used by industry and public at large to synchronise their clocks and watches. However these time signals are not formally linked to a nationally or internationally recognized time scale. Both SingTel and TCS also do not regard themselves as the national authority for disseminating the correct time scale.

As the national measurement authority, NMC (National Measurement Center) has established the national time scale using an ensemble of caesium atomic clocks. These clocks are continuously compared with the international time scale through the satellite system of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Our time data are sent to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) as part of an international network which contributes to the generation of the international time scale ¾ Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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