If you noticed on the far right of my blog there is category called blogseeds, well you will now see a link entitled HUGS under that category. 

Basically it is an idea taken of Twitter, where family and friends or office colleagues who have the ability to post to a blog will see a short form at the top of the home page with a post box and tags. There they can post short messages about what they’re doing.  

They can click on an author to see all their messages, or a tag to see all of the messages in a given tag (which is normally uses for projects). There are RSS feeds for everything: the entire prologue, each author, each tag, and even combination or searches can be subscribed to in your RSS reader.

Just like a blog post, each message in the prologue can have comments, and of course each comments thread has its own RSS feed.

This invite is for all you family and friends who have a wordpress account and want to participate.  I see no reason to set it to Private lest you all want it to be exclusive hee hee

Anyhow the following people with WordPress accounts currently have access to post.  If you want to join in, simply signup and let me know.

  • Geraldine
  • Josh
  • Eileen

Happy Micro Blogging!

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