Inexcusable Indifference!

I spent practically the whole day nursing a cold, lying in bed and popping chlorpheniramine almost every two to three hours.  Why? because I desperately needed to recover before going to work for the night shift.

Then in the evening feeling a little ‘spaced out’ and a little breathless, I willed myself to get on the bicycle to fetch my son from kindergarten.  As I was waiting to cycle across the last traffic light towards his centre, it happened! 

A motocyclist was thrown off this bike approximately 10 metres from where I stood.  I just went numb all over, and looked on as if it were a dream.  One chap rode his motorbike to aid the fallen rider, while another got out of his car to help.  And all I did was looked on even though I was the closest!  The rider got up with abrasions on his arm and a little winded from the fall. When the light finally changed, I rode on to fetch my son.  When I rode back near the spot, I saw the rider riding past me.

The incident kept playing on my mind the whole evening! If I could will myself to pick my son why didn’t I will myself to go to the rider’s aid?  What if it were somebody I knew??  I am almost certain that if I were not sedated, I would have acted differently but still I cannot help but feel ashamed!

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