My Rambo Day..

Well almost recovering from the flu, I decide to nudge myself into a little workout at the gym. Didn’t workout as hard as I would have liked to, but all the same it was satisfactory.

Looked at my watch and decided to catch……yup you guessed it! Rambo4! I loved 1 & 2 but didn’t quite enjoy the third one. It was a 2:05pm show at GV Marina, but sheesh! the amount of advertisements you have to sit through before the show actually begins proper? That is why I prefer to catch my movies at Cathay….erm but now that they have increased their prices…well……we’ll see.

It is no wonder the movie is rated M18, there is a whole lot of gore and mayhem. Still I must say I rather enjoyed the movie, maybe it’s because I can relate to Stallone that is.. in his character John Rambo. (the bit about being an old soldier *chuckles*) But seriously this one actually has a plot to go with everything else. And Stallone at 62 still looks great!

Well after the movie I reached home at about 5pm, so I decided to fetch Kenan early. After picking him up, I opened the letter box to find that the kids’ Mighty Savers accounts were setup already and their passbooks were ready for collection. Also my renewed GNC membership card was ready for collection too.

Well with all the adrenaline from watching Rambo, I rushed down with Kenan to collect their passbooks and my GNC card at Causeway Point then rushed back to pick Seth from School. After dinner, we went back to Causeway point to have ice-cream and to hand something over to Mm2.

Then back home…tucked the children into bed, and did me a little ironing. Well it’s just one of those days……except on this day I got to watch RAMBO! woo! hoo!

2 Responses

  1. i never like the fact that GV movies never start on time

  2. Welcome to the club mate! *hi fives*

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