A Funny Must Read For Women!

Just read this off Marie’s Blog……I think the lady who wrote the letter did a great job! It’s hilarious!

Click here to read it!

I enjoyed it! Oh and if you don’t already know by now….I am 100% male!

Please Do The Research Before Hitting ‘Send’

   We often receive forwarded emails from friends and family members with good intentions.  They themselves had received such emails in good faith, and believe that the information contained within would benefit the recipients.

But what most of them do not realize is that the very convincing emails could turn out to be a hoax, and the misinformation or unsubstantiated emails could be harmful.  For example,  ‘medical advice’  not condoned by medical experts and dispensed could actually cost a life rather than saving it!

Therefore PLEASE do the research before actually hitting the ‘Send’ button.

examples of email hoaxes :-

  • “How to Survive a Heart Attack When Alone.”
  • “Cold Water Causes Cancer Warning Message”
  • “Panadol Extra Kidney Damage Warning Hoax”
  • “Lead in Lipstick Alert – Cancer Causing Lipstick”
  • “Mcdonald’s Ball Pit Death Hoax”
  • “HIV Infected Blood in Ketchup Hoax”

Can you just see the paranoia such emails can cause?


The following useful information was extracted here.

Spotting the latest email hoaxes may be easier than you think!

There are thousands of email hoaxes moving around the Internet at any given time. Some may be the latest email hoaxes around. Others may be mutated versions of hoax messages that have travelled the Internet for years. These email hoaxes cover a range of subject matter, including:

  • Supposedly free giveaways in exchange for forwarding emails.
  • Bogus virus alerts.
  • False appeals to help sick children.
  • Pointless petitions that lead nowhere and accomplish nothing.
  • Dire, and completely fictional, warnings about products, companies, government policies or coming events.

The good news is that, with a little bit of foreknowledge, email hoaxes are easy to detect. Hidden within the colourful prose of your average email hoax often lurk telling indicators of the email’s veracity.

Probably the most obvious of these indicators is a line such as “Send this email to everyone in your address book”. Hoax writers want their material to spread as far and as fast as possible, so almost every hoax email will in some way exhort you to send it to other people. Some email hoaxes take a more targeted approach and suggest that you send the email to a specified number of people in order to collect a prize or realize a benefit.

Another indicator is that hoaxes tend not to provide checkable references to back up their spurious claims. Genuine competitions, promotions, giveaways or charity drives will usually provide a link to a company website or publication. Real virus warnings are likely to include a link to a reputable virus information website. Emails containing Government or company policy information are likely to include references to checkable sources such as news articles, websites or other publications.

A third indicator is often the actual language used. Email hoax writers have a tendency to use an emotive, “over-the-top” style of writing peppered with words and phrases such as “Urgent”, “Danger”, “worst ever virus!!”, “sign now before it’s too late” and so on, often rendered in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for added emphasis. Paragraphs dripping with pathos speak of dying children; others “shout” with almost rabid excitement about free air travel or mobile phones. As well, some email hoaxes try to add credibility by using highly technical language.

Before forwarding an email, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does the email ask you to send it to a lot of other people?
  2. Does the email fail to provide confirmation sources?
  3. Is the language used overly emotive or highly technical?

A “yes” answer to one or more of the above questions, should start some alarm bells ringing. These indicators do not offer conclusive evidence that the email is a hoax but they are certainly enough to warrant further investigation before you hit the “Forward” Button.

Another..”Kids say the darndest things”

On a bicycle ride to school…….

Dad : “Look that’s a mynah we just missed on the road!”

Kenan: “I knooooow…..but did you know if you remove the yellow stickers from the beak and the legs then they are actually crows?!”

Dad : ??????…… *laughs*







T minus 8 days….

Movie Fool’s Gold 2008

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Donald Sutherland, Ewen Bremner, Alexis Dziena, Kevin Hart, Ray Winstone

Plot Outline : A new clue to the whereabouts of a lost treasure rekindles a married couple’s sense of adventure and their estranged romance.

Hey if you want to watch this movie, remember that it is a romantic COMEDY! Then you will you not be disappointed.  The overall  storyline is not too shabby though it is highly predictable.  As for the chemistry between Kate and Matthew which we saw in ‘How to lose a guy in ten day’ well it’s still there.  All I will say is that the screenwriters could have done a much better job with this one.

Still I would say it trumps the movie ‘Jumper’ as I left the Cinema in a light hearted mood!

DVD Waitress 2007

Starring: Keri Russell, Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines, Nathan Fillion, Andy Griffith, Eddie Jemison

Plot Outline : Jenna is a pregnant, unhappily married waitress in the deep south. She meets a newcomer to her town and falls into an unlikely relationship as a last attempt at happiness.

I rather enjoyed this romantic comedy with a dramatic bite!  Keri Russell has really come a long way in both her acting and looks.  A very down to earth story about the the struggle of a young woman longing to break free.  Ooh and all the pies in this movie looks heavenly *stomach growls*

T Minus 9 Days…

Then it’s Hip Hip Hooray! A short but very much welcome break for me!

Will be going to K.L. for a little sightseeing and shopping, Oh and how can I forget? There will be the rides for the kids at Berjaya Time Square. But what I look forward to the most………………………………..is the exchange rate! *chuckles*

Wonder if I’ll be able to buy this cool pair of slippers for the kids over there? They’ll just love to see their footprints in the sand!



Teach Me Obi-Wan!

Okay so my dad isn’t a Jedi master, but once upon a time he was not only a Scoutmaster but a great teacher. He had so many things he wanted to share with his goof ball of a son, but all the boy wanted to do was to see the end result of whatever it was.

For instance, Dad wanted to show me how to attach the strings to a kite so that it would fly just right. But all I wanted was to run with the already strung kite and fly it up high. Here’s another example, with a rope in hand, he wanted to show me how to tie the various knots. And all I would be interested in was getting hold of the rope so I could tie my sister up.

Well lately, I was thinking of all the fascinating things he had showed me when I was little and now I have the greatest of desire to learn it all so that I, in turn may pass it on.

So first I asked Dad if he would teach me how to make a whistle out of coconut leaves. So after mass on Sunday he went with Mom to Changi to watch the Air show and on their way back, he got hold of some coconut leaves to show me.

Dad in action….

Snipping two tiny equal length of leaves to be placed

together prior to using a longer piece to wrap round it.

Beginning to wrap it round the two smaller pieces.

The end result…the Coconut Leaf Whistle!

At a different angle….

This is me…trying my hand at it!….First I stripped the leaves from the spine…

Then I coiled (wrap) it round the two smaller pieces from pic 2

Then I placed a snipped off piece of the spine and secure the end by gently screwing it through the leaves.

Then I squeeze the tip slightly, to part the two smaller pieces

My very own working Coconut Leaf Whistle!

Posing for a photo shot!



  • My working whistle shown above was possible only on the fourth attempt!
  • I chose Obi-Wan for the title because Dad speaks fluently, unlike Yoda! hee hee
  • Next I hope to learn how he makes a grasshopper out of the same kind of leaves or how to tie the various kinds of knots using a rope…hmmm *thinks of bondage and…..erm never mind*