I Love To Read…Again….

Well it’s been a year since I started reading books again. I mean ever since I stepped into the army followed by joining the workforce, I never seem to have the time nor did I even have the desire to pick up a book to read. After some time, I developed a short attention span when it came to book reading. The only reading I afforded myself were magazines or instruction manuals.

Recently two close friends of mine from different networks, were telling me how they have such a great passion for reading and both mentioned they can read as many as three books a week! How is that even possible? In my opinion it would mean that they spent all of their time reading, that is during their leisure hours, after work and before they go to bed. Which would also mean no television, no distractions and no social activities.

I on the other hand have two kids, work, housework, a little social time and whatever else life throws at me, so for me it is just not humanly possible. Besides I enjoy taking my time to finish a book, will tell you why shortly.

Yes of course I have heard the term speed reading, but why would anyone want to that? Just to get an idea of what the story is about or to reach the very end of the book so as to declare that they’ve read it? Hmmmm…Oh well to each his own……but I personally cannot and will not ever speed read a book! ( perhaps only instruction manuals)

I want to savour every carefully chosen word dished out by the Author. To immerse myself with the story and dive into it’s depths. To see, touch and feel all that is created within, even if but vicariously.

So let me declare once again that……..I love to read!

2 Responses

  1. i would love to sit down with my books too…but there are too many other distractions around me and that keeps me away from the books hahah .

  2. Yup I know exactly how you feel, the only time I get to read without much distractions is on the Mrt Train ride to and from work. Oh and once in while….on my throne at home….hee hee (get my drift?)


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