My Take On Healthy Living….

I use to scoff at the idea of following any guide, regime or disciplines on the subject of healthy living.  Because I use to think that life is too short and we shouldn’t restrict ourselves too much or to stress ourselves over such trival details. 

Yes of course haven’t we all heard the warnings and advice of Doctors and Healthcare providers?  But hey I was still young, fit and all that advice were probably meant for the elderly.  So I smoked as I always had since Secondary School, drank and partied as teens often do. 

Even after the army, and straight into the workforce I still kept pretty fit as I continued to play Rugby for a few clubs and Soccer whenever I could.  Then approximately two years after I got married I stopped playing rugby and had little or no time for any form of sports.  Why? Because that was the time I became a father and so little by little, day by day, I started putting on weight. 

Of course the problems didn’t start straightaway but after more than a year later I noticed and started to experience a whole lot of problems I never encountered before.  Shortness of breath, occasional migraines and a swollen ankle from time to time, which I believe was due to lack of circulation and perhaps even a vitamin/mineral deficiency.  The other more uncommon ailments or rather uncommon to me, of which I encountered were IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), a fresh case of Astigmatism (had to wear glasses in the night if I wanted to see clearly) and Cervical Spondylosis.  Although the latter is a degenerative condition of the cervical spine and is usually age-related, I believe my condition was compounded due to poor posture and long periods of inactivity.  ( of facing the Computer screen)

I knew I had to do something, top on my list was to give up smoking, followed by exercise and healthy living which meant being extra mindful of what I consume.  But as the saying goes the ‘Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!’  Then one day as I was peering out from the bus I was in, I saw an old army mate who was a year younger than I was.  He had ballooned to three times the size he originally was!  And as he crossed the road with his head faced down, I noticed how haggard he looked with tell tale signs of balding.  And that’s when it really hit me!  I was heading in the same direction as he was and I’ll be damned if I was going that way without a fight!

So late October 2005 I gave up smoking and started investing in a jump rope, a set of dumbells, an exercise bench, and a few supplements.  It was sheer torture in the beginning, but with patience and a slow gradual increase in the workout intensity it got a whole lot easier.  

By Jan 2006 I was 16kg lighter and feeling really good about myself.  All the health problems I had prior to the change of lifestyle seem to totally evaporate with all the sweat and hardwork I put into getting back into shape.  I no longer had to wear glasses in the night or any day for that matter.   I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a miracle, but I believe he had a lot to do with the blood circulation of the body through exercise.  And yes not forgetting proper nutrition with the adequate intake of vitamins and minerals either through food or supplementation.

So what are you waiting for? It is not going to be easy if you haven’t already started yet, but it is certainly worth it!



2 Responses

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Allen Taylor

  2. Why thank you sir! I must say I am indeed flattered especially after I’ve read a few of the articles you’ve written on Personal Investments.

    cheers mate! 😉

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