My Diminishing Tinea Versicolor Problem

Remember back in January when I mentioned that Selsun had an alternate use other than treating Dandruff? That is to treat Tinea Versicolor (White Spots)….. Well before I realized that, I had already placed an order for a skin cream I had read about and was interested to know whether it worked as well as all their ‘customers’ claimed it had because of the ingredients it contained.

Furthermore I was getting impatient with the locally available creams or treatments they had available at our Pharmacies. By the way Selsun had amazing results just after one week of use.

Okay so what is unique about the skin cream Tetrasil other than it being on the expensive side, is that it contains a patented bacteria cleanser Silver Oxide. (more about this later) And the reason why it’s expensive is because they say only the best ingredients are used. Its all-natural ingredients include natural jojoba oil, beeswax, the Aidance silver oxide, and an essential oil from the palmarosa plant.

While all other silvers are just simple forms, tetraSILVER is a unique molecule comprised of four (4) atoms of silver and four (4) atoms of oxygen. Learn more about Silver’s History as a Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial.

Jojoba oil is naturally moisturizing and beneficial for all skin types. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, so the jojoba helps draw the silver, oxygen and other ingredients to the source of the skin problem.

Beeswax is one of the oldest ingredients used in skin care because it does wonders for softening the skin. The substance, made by bees to build the walls of their honeycomb, is used as a thickening agent in cosmetic products. Recent studies have also documented beeswax’s anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal ingredient for skin restoration.

Essential oils are pure extracts from various plants. Despite the word ‘oil,’ essential oils are actually not oils. The finest plant-based essential oils are selected for Aidance products because of their natural ability to resolve specific skin problems. Essential oils help the skin detoxify and regenerate. Essential oils have been used for healing throughout history and are still key elements in many of the world’s non-Western healing traditions. In Europe, they are considered an effective, treatment that are increasingly being integrated with conventional medicine.

An although their product is known to be quite effective for twenty three over skin ailments they do not directly state this. In fact this is what they say about their product,’ As cosmetics, Aidance products are governed by voluntary guidelines established between the FDA and the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association (CTFA). Here, products are “intended for the cleansing, beautifying and moisturizing of the human body.” Hence, Aidance products are, as we promote it, a “All-Natural Silver + Oxygen Skin Creams.” We do not make curative claims. Still, many customers with a variety of skin conditions tell us they have benefited from its soothing, moisturizing and other properties.’

Why am I even blogging about it? Well I’ve tried Tetrasil and it is very effective! Moreover I was very impressed with their level of customer service.

You see I had ordered and paid for their product via Paypal. Somehow my full address which is stored at Paypal was not forwarded properly to their server leaving out the Unit number of my address. I had a similar incident previously with another company but in that one I was the fool who left that bit out. Anyhow the other company insisted that they will only ship out a new batch after they received the return package. This one on the other hand shipped out a new batch the very next day and instructed me to mark the previous package ‘Return to Sender’ if I somehow still managed to have it delivered to me. They gave me a ‘new customer’ the trust and respect not commonly found elsewhere.


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  1. Thanks for the great testimonial, Jules–from all of us at Aidance Skincare.

    We work hard to give our customers (including new ones) a great experience and a great product that delivers on their expectations.

  2. Thanks for dropping by David, it shows that you’re company is interested in feedback and will work on them. By the way will I get a great discount for future orders? hee hee…just kidding… 😆

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  4. Thank you for feedback and offer, however if I do decide to take up such an offer, I will setup another blog account for this. I do not intend to use this personal blog of mine for advertising of any sort otherwise I would have already done so.

    Cheers mate! 😉

  5. Your writeup is giving me a glimmer of hope. I’ve had TV since last summer, and just recently has it started spreading. I first got it around my neck. It itched like crazy, and I realized that wherever I scratched, that I’d see TV spots there! So soon enough, my whole torso, arms, neck, and back are covered in brown itchy spots. I’m a runner and whenever I run and get hot, I feel the prickly itchy feeling everywhere. It’s SO frustrating. To top it off, my self-esteem has been shot due to this. It’s still February, so I’ve managed to wear long-sleeved shirts everytime I go out to cover my skin, but I’m really hoping that by spring/summer, my skin will look normal again. I just feel like TV has taken over my body. I’ve been using Selsun which has helped a lot. I used it twice overnight, and it completely dried out my skin. Currently, it’s peeling, and my torso is improving as well as my arms– although there are a few spots that are still itchy. Also, I’ve noticed that my legs get slightly itchy, too. No spots yet, but I havent even been scratching them!!! It’s slowly moving..=( I should get Tetrasil in the mail tomorrow, so I hope it works for me as well as it has worked for you!

  6. Hey Marissa, thank you for sharing….well I was fortunate enough not to itch or was it that I am so thick skinned that I didn’t feel the itch?

    Anyhow sorry to hear about your condition, can understand the frustration. Selsun works amazingly well, not surprising since it worked wonders previously for my dandruff problem. Tetrasil is good because it moisturizers the skin as well but don’t expect immediate results. The TV on my arms are tiny now but the back area seems to be taking longer. Perhaps it’s because I have to rely on someone to help with the back cos I’m not that flexible. Wish I was a contortionist hee hee

    Well I sincerely hope your condition improves by leaps and bounds, by the way did you consult a doctor? Because in some extreme cases, oral medication together with the topical skin creams will work better.

    Hope to hear positive results in a month or two….

    *bear hugs*

  7. Thanks for the information and your testimonial. I was diagnosed with TV in May and it went away (discoloration remained as I was told) but recently returned around my neck and face. Now my face seems to be peeling, which I imagine is due to the sun, but not sure as I am not out in the sun a lot. I’m in an air-conditioned room most of the day, so only sun exposure is from walking from class to class or from my car to the house. I’m never had my skin peel before, did you experience that? If so, how did you take care of it? I normally wash my face, then apply my prescription cream to the face and neck and then after that dries, I use a moisturizer with SPF. I’m going to buy some Selsun Blu today and see if that helps with the peeling and the spots, but wondered if you had any other suggestions? Also, did you exfoliate? Thanks for reading, if you got this far, and I appreciate your time.

  8. Perhaps whatever you’re using to treat the TV on the face is too strong? As I’m sure you know that the skin on the face is usually more tender or sensitive. I can’t remember the name of the medication, but I remember using one in a brown glass bottle and used for the treatment of panau aka white spots which led to the skin peeling. Also air conditioning too tends to dry out the skin.

    I am not sure if the moisturizer you’re using is working adequately but one of the best and I highly recommend is physiogel which is also great for those suffering from eczema or atopic dermatitis. It can be used all over the body too! The physiogel A.I. cream may be what you need to start out on.

    More info on

    Honestly I am too lazy to exfoliate or remember, but when I do remember, then I’d use my scruffing lotion from clinique to do so.

    All the best! 😉

  9. I m suffering from Tinea Versicolor having white patches on neck and under lower lip. I got treatment from a dermologist who prescribed me wysoline-50 mg twice a week, i took this medicine for 2 and an half month, but no use. After that i also took aurvedic medicine for 3 months, but the problem still increasing

    I seek your kind advise and help in this connection

  10. Hi Ranbir,

    Let me first say that I am not an expert on TV nor do I possess any medical qualifications. Is wysoline taken orally? As I have not heard of it, perhaps it is similar or the same as wysolone which is basically a steroid based cream. Strange that it is used for TV as well…but I suppose the dermatolgist would know better.

    Anyhow have you consulted a doctor? You might want to do so as well as it sounds like you’ll likely need oral medication as well. Also Selsun worked wonders for me and some others so you may want to give it a try.

    Oh and you’ve noticed this post is also about a product I tried and had some good results. Tetrasil….;)

  11. Hi,
    Am from singapore, V.keen to try out the Tetrasil cream, pls advise how i can go about ordering? any website that can ship out to singapore? thks

    • The official website for tetrasil is however if you are using it to treat widespread TV then it is better to use Selsun instead, as Tetrasil is more expensive and more effective for other skin ailments because it takes longer to treat TV.


  12. Hey!
    Thank you for the information you have supplied, a lot of it has served useful for a teen-aged male such as myself.

    I have acquired Tinea Versicolor and was wondering how much your skin has improved since you started treating it.

    Oh and has the TV made any sort of ‘come back’ in the past 2 years?


    • Hiya,

      you’re most then welcome, the ones on visible to me are totally gone however I understand from my wife only after reading this comment and asking her to check that a few spots have resurfaced on my back. This is quite normal due to the humid weather conditions we experience here. Looks like I will be back to using ‘Selsun’ soon! I just feel it works better!


      • Thank you so much, especially for the quick reply!

        You may not know so but just hearing from someone who has battle’d with TV and has made promising improvements to their condition is remarkably great to hear for someone like myself.

        My self-confidence has built-up again as well as my motivation.


        • You’re most welcome and hope to hear the good news of you’re victory soon!

          Cheers mate! 😉

          Sent from Julian’s Mobility Pad….

          “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

  13. My sister and I tried 2B SPOT FREE and love it! It’s easy to use works great and smells good too.

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