Kite Runner At The Cathay

Now wouldn’t that have been a sight?! Well actually I just manage to catch the movie ‘The Kite Runner’ at The Cathay Cineplex. I had actually contemplated whether to even watch the movie fearing that it would not do the book written by Khaled Hosseini justice.

But after watching the movie, I would say that it was a job well done.  Probably as well as it could have been done. The cast were brilliantly chosen and did their roles to perfection. Great script and Cinematography! Who would believe that it was actually filmed in China? ( security reasons) definitely earned my vote to win an Oscar.

Now after all that has been said about the movie, you simply cannot say you’ve experienced the true and full essence of The Kite Runner till you’ve actually read the book. There is a deeper and far wider range of emotions to be experienced from reading it. You may sympathize a little with Amir or at least have a better understanding as to why he did what he did or failed to do when it came to Hassan. There were also quite a number of touching moments or incidents which were probably left out due to time constraints in the movie. Like what Soraya told her husband Amir after learning about his nephew, and the suicide attempt of Sohrab just to name a few. So I encourage you to do both, read the book and go watch the movie!

Now I have to say I like the newly renovated ‘The Cathay’ which re-opened in Mar 2006. It was my first time there….. I mean since it re-opened, in fact I have not gone back to that particular cinema for over nine years. And to think it has a history dating back to 1939. Anyhow I loved the seats inside and the sound system was good too.

I even liked the layout of the shopping area and was tickled by one of the shops in particular. It is called the Mask and the tagline for their shop is ‘Instant GratiFacial’. The item on the menu that got to me was the Triple Decker Treat! This is what it said on the menu, “Feeling low? The world letting you down? Then boy are you in need of a REAL treat! Let us rocket your spirits up with a three-in-one combo we created specially to banish the blues. It’s a Triple Decker Treat of a massage, coffee and gourmet cake at the same time. Surf the net, chat with friends and be surrounded with a feel-good experience. It’s a power packed explosion of bliss we tell ya!” $50, $55 (with drink) Wow! I can hardly wait to try out that heavenly sounding treat! Hmmm…perhaps the establishment was created with the urbanite yuppie in mind. Modernizing even revolutionizing their facial and massage services altogether.

Now a tiny little bit more of what I found interesting….but with pictures….

Hand Dryer with a mini movie screen!

Yup of course, where else but the toilets!

A bit lavish don’t you think? The Picture House lounge!

Vanilla Bread Pudding at TCC

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