Reunion Dinner 2008

6 Feb 08

The Chinese Reunion dinner is traditionally a time for family members from far abroad or even locally to gather together on this special day, to foster family togetherness and ties.  With age, I’ve learned to appreciate and even look forward to this annual event.

For me personally, having the steamboat at home with the family is the crème de la crème.  Of course we have had a few years where we dined out, but somehow nothing beats having it at home! 

And Yes the steamboat too has evolved over time.  From the days of the charcoal steamboat, (my all time favourite..adds a distinctive flavour) the gas stove ones and now fast forwarding to the teppanyaki styled steamboat. ( two yummylicous options)


Charcoal Steamboat


Gas Stove For The Steamboat


Teppanyaki Styled Steamboat (BBQ&Steamboat)

This year we had a bigger group with our extended family joining in the fun.  All in all there were ten adults and my two little ones.  I feel so blessed and lucky this year……hmmm I suppose I’ll have to go out and buy myself some lottery tickets.

Anyhow we are contemplating eating out next year, because it can be very tiring to hold it at home.  The preparation, time and effort is no joke!  First of all you’ll have to do the marketing, you cannot go too early or there is no place to store all that food and besides the fishy stuff and vegetables have to be fresh.  You cannot go too late or else some of the good stuff might be sold out or just too expensive during that period.  Then there is the preparation which is made up of the slicing,dicing, cleaning and presentation.  And after you’re done with the whole dinner, there is the washing, drying and storing. 

But Oh shucks! like I said in the very beginning, it is still the crème de la crème!

6 Responses

  1. I hope it’s not too late to wish you happy chinese new year. I’ve always admired your spirit for any kind of holiday season. 🙂

  2. Chinese New Year lasts 15 days yes? Anyhow it is never too late to wish me, you can wish me next year for this year and still it will never be too late *chuckles*

    Gong Xi Fa Cai Kris! And so happy to have you drop by here again…….

    As for my spirit during any holiday season erm…well I try….*winks*

    *bear hugs*

  3. Hey Julian! happy chinese new year! just read all your posts on CNY and i’m missing it even more…:( so shiok the steam boat!!!! I MISS BA KWA!!!!

  4. Hello and welcome madame! *bear hugs*

    But…but…you can do your own steamboat over there right? And Isn’t there a Chinatown there?

    Anyhow here is a link especially for you….

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! 😉
    Xin Nian kuai le!

  5. not the same lar…:( must kena the lou he and steamboat with friends and family.

    thanks for the ba kwa link. wont be Mei Zhen Xiang but it’ll work i guess.

  6. You’re absolutely right……just not the same without family and friends, well there’s always next year….

    Hey if it goes well, you may be able to start a small business then it’ll pay for your trip back next year YES? *winks*

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