New Year Of The Rat 2008

Can you imagine having not one or two but three female rats in your family? Well my mom, sister and wife are all born in the year of the rat! And for my own personal security that is all I’ll say about it. *chuckles*

Well I am very fortunate because my Dad although the third elder son in the hierarchy, just happens to be the eldest here in Singapore. Majority of his brothers and sisters are in Malaysia. So everyone else in the family living in Singapore will make their way annually to our home to pay their respects. And If they timed it in such away then they too would be able to minus a few visits because they could all just gather at my place.

Again it is a little tiring, especially for mom because everyone in the family loves her cooking. And so almost every year she will cook a minimum of five dishes to feed about 30 or more. The busiest period of the day would normally be between 1130hrs to about 1500hrs thereafter we can all relax and unwind.

I will then head on to my grandmother-in-law’s home where the whole family will be gathered. This is again a wonderful arrangement because there is little or no visitation needed thereafter. And at anyone time there will usually be approximately ten families gathered under one roof till about 1800hrs.

The rest of the new year is usually spent visiting old friends or just gathering at someone’s home.

I will usually only take leave for the first two days of the Lunar New Year and opt to work for the rest of the days because as you can see my family duties usually end on the first day itself. Woo! Hoo!

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