Public Service Announcement

Carrefour is having a Bicycle and Book Clearance Sale at Suntec City.  Not sure if the offer is available past this weekend but I’ve bought eleven books at $5 each.

John Little at Marina Sq is giving away a 1000ml bottle of 2 in 1 Attack Detergent and Softener with every receipt of $28.  Moreover you can draw an ang pow and win another free gift instantly.  I managed to win myself a small bottle of Lingzi whilst Frances won a Leave-in Hair Conditioner.

2 Responses

  1. only carrefour at suntec? wat bout at ps??

  2. Well I was at Suntec and they had a big setup, so I can only be sure it’s held there. Didn’t see any notice that they were having one at P.S. too. 🙂

    Oh and they have bags on sale too….the Deuter brand has quite a good selection but still a bit expensive for my taste…

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