Imaginary Dinner Gathering@Imperial Treasure Restaurant

Can you see the wonderful and fun pictures below? No?…….Well I don’t blame you. The meeting time was between 1850hrs to 1930hrs and it was to be a fun gathering to usher in the new year as a group. But like the ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ it never materialized. *chuckles*

Who?What?Why?When?Where? These are the questions probably running through the organiser’s mind when she learnt that one by one at the very last minute ( okay maybe 3-4 hours notice) that they could not make it.

I was really tired out myself as I had finished a post night shift, followed by Church. So I only had about 3 hours sleep, but still because I made a commitment, I was going to show up. I got the call at about 1750hrs to inform me as I was about to board the MRT train that the dinner was cancelled.

I was not upset in the least but I felt for the organiser. How can she not take it personally? Well she shouldn’t because it had nothing to do with her personally. Yeah I know….one or two at the very last minute because something urgent crops up is quite normal, but eight????? Well no point harping on it…..

What a majestic evening! ha ha


Group Picture Outside The Restaurant

( Don’t I look cool in Red?) *chuckles*


Foolin Around at Dinner!

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