New Year Buffet Lunch At Park Royal Hotel

Hmmm… looks like it’s fast becoming a tradition, that is dining there on the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year. (This being the 2nd time for the Chinese New Year) The most recent prior to this one however, was in Aug 2007 when we celebrated my mom in-law’s birthday. It was quite a nice surprise that we were given the exact table and location from our previous visit.

The prices are a little higher, perhaps because of the festivities. Adults are at $35 per pax, while Children are at $21 per pax. Well we certainly enjoyed ourselves, me especially since it was my mom’s treat *chuckles*.. and the kids loved the food or rather the desserts.

There was even a Lion Dance show followed by the Dragon Dance which was done just outside the hotel. When the lion dance troupe may their way into the restaurant however, Kenan started to cringe. Must have been the loud drumming and the proximity of the two ‘Lions’.

Well here are some pictures I took…..will be posting the Lion/Dragon Dance show pics in a separate entry…..

Gong Xi…siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Peace & Prosperity


Same ole table and location……

Individual Ang Pow and Oranges for every table

Seafood Section

Fruit Section

Chocolate Fountain

Yusheng For 4 Adults please…..


My First Helping At The Buffet Line

Check out the size of that one!

Here comes the Troupe…

Yikes! I’m outta here….

Me likes Lions!


And on our way out, we received this…..


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