Coffee & Codoms

Again they are not related, but just like the way the words looks together…hee hee *blinks*

It was my first time having something at the Coffee Club, so I ordered myself the most expensive coffee on their menu the ‘Jamaican Blue Mountain’. The chicken pie and Turkish Bread Delight we ordered for tea time were yummylicious. ( Funny how we only have coffee and still refer to it as having tea time snacks)

Oh and if you’re wondering about the condom bit, well I chanced upon them while buying some panadol at Guardian Pharmacy. I liked the way they are discreetly packaged in a metal box which can last. ( I meant the container….hee hee)

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Yeah…I know you cannot tell any difference from the pic but the body,flavour, aroma and low acidity makes this a great coffee.

Turkish Bread Delight

the dips are hummus, sun-ripe tomatoes and can’t recall the last one…

My Chicken Pie…..

Codoms from Coppenhagen…..comes in a variety of colours…

17 Responses

  1. I love love coffee club! I like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee tooo though I usually order something with high acidity and aroma, can’t remember the name though 😀

    The outlet at Funan, inside Times the bookshop is nice. It’s mostly quiet and kinda peaceful, my fav stoning place 😀

    Tehee the box looks … coool~

  2. Wow it surely has been a long time since I had you visit and say hi…..welcome back madame and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Well I must say that the Blue Mountain is so good that I had to savour it without adding sugar 😉 And I had mine at the Marina Square outlet.

    Yup the box does look cool doesn’t it… *grins*

  3. :p i saw the box too…they have pretty ones in pink and girly colors for the ladies hehehe…

    gosh..the chicken pie looks delicious!~

  4. hmmm now what are ladies doing with those girly coloured ones? ha ha

    The Chicken pie was good, could taste rosemary in the spices they used. And well it came complete with veggies yay! 😉

  5. i dont suppose you bought the box?

  6. They don’t sell the box separately, and just in case you’re wondering I don’t swing that way mate! 😆

  7. lol… tt time my frien saw e thing in e storerm n wonder y it’s not placed for sale…

    btw… i work @ guardian…

  8. Eh? You mean there was a time it was given free?

    And which guardian? hmmm you could tell me by email so I can look out for you to say hi…. 😉

  9. tehee i have this bad habit of never leaving a tag/comment! Doesn’t mean i haven’t been reading *winks*

  10. Well then I am honoured then, and keep smiling……

    *big squishy bear hugs*

  11. not free lar…

    jus tt… it was kept in e storerm n not place outside to sell…

    no need by email lar… i like dunno post in stomp how many time liao…
    amk blk 163… near kerun barun cc

  12. Orh….and seems an unlikely place to have a Guardian, alrighty if I do find myself in that vicinity I’ll drop by to say hi…. 😉

  13. lol… tt place is rather ‘ulu’… i study nearby b4 workin dere… n i dun even noe abt it!!

    doubt u’ll b in tt vicinity… 😛

    btw… i’m organisin an outin agn 🙂

  14. Way to go girl…..looks like I’ll have to check back at Stomp! Wait a minute… 😯 isn’t it this the one held on the first week of march? 😳 If it is then I’ll be in KL ❗

    As for finding it well….when there is a will, there is a way… 😛

  15. haha… true true… wen dere’s a will, dere’s a way… 🙂

    nah… it’s 2nd week 🙂

  16. Roger that…will check back when I come back….hee hee


  17. no prob 🙂

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