P.S. I Love You (2007)


vm_sx100_sy140_.jpg   You know, I was reading the newspapers today and came across a writeup of this movie by our local critic. And I have to say that he must be one heartless S…….who must have been hurt badly, never found love or maybe he was dropped on his head as a child!

Well needless to say I absolutely loved the movie! If you loved ‘Gillian on her 37th Birthday’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Up Close and Personal’ and others like them then you’ll be in for a treat. It was another emotional roller coaster ride for me! I wept and laughed throughout the whole movie. ( reminds me a lot of my experience watching ‘Patch Adams’)

The chemistry between Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank was amazing and both played their parts to perfection. In fact the whole cast gave magnificent performances, notable mention would go to Kathy Bates, Harry Connick Jr, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In my opinion an oscar should go to Hilary Swank! She is one amazing and versatile actress. You could see and even feel the whole range of emotions she delivered on cue and to perfection each and every time throughout the movie.

I’ve not read the book by Cecelia Ahern, but from the movie it must be one fabulous book. It is never easy coping with the loss of a loved one and this movie in my opinion has kept it real. ( Okay except for the timing of the letters bit) So if you asked me, I would say YES! YES! YES! go watch the movie! It is worth every cent…………hmmm but special note that it’s rated N.H. (Not for the heartless)

P.S. I LOVE YOU TOO……. *winks*

7 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve read the reviews and think those people are crazy! I saw the movie three times and loved it!!!! It made me laugh and cry and everything in between!!!

  2. hey there! i loved what u said about your local critics, and i have to say the same thing about all of those who ever thought about saying sth bad about this movie…i’ve been depressed for 2 days over this movie …god! i was like so down, it’s like i was holly or sth i was crying and really sad..dammit i’m too sensitive i shouldn’t have watched that movie , it’s been nearly a month now that i’ve watched it, knowing that i’ve re-watched countless times after…the thing is i can’t get over this movie..it’s in my mind 24/7 , the songs that are played in it..I love you till the end…GOsh that was totally amazing..my favourite chick flick so far…i adored it and i know that whatever i’m gonna watch in the next years that i am meant to live is going to be incomparabale to PS.I love you….Simply the best!

  3. Cathy – I can hardly wait for the DVD to come out! 😉

    Yousra – Well we have to remember it’s just a movie….but yeah I know what you mean. It’s definitely up there with the best of them….

    P.S. I didn’t realise how handsome or even how charismatic Gerard is. He was great in 300 physically but couldn’t see past the beard 😆

  4. i read the book and i cried buckets… still haven’t been able to spare the time for the movie yet..hopefully i can get a gal fren to go with me.. knowing the story..i guess i have to prepare lots of tissues..

    sometimes i just don’t ‘trust’ the so call critics.. some of them are awfully bias.

  5. Well I’m pretty sure the movie will not let you down…..but you’ll have to see it for yourself to judge. Have fun!

  6. Finally! Someone who gets it … I couldn’t agree more about Hilary Swank’s performance and I’m insane about Gerry Butler in this. But Swank … amazing! Honestly though, the first viewing was to watch Gerry … the next 9 were because of the rest of the cast, but especially Hilary.

  7. Yup he is a HUNK isn’t he and I’m glad you agree Hilary’s performance was fantastic. And WOW! you’ve actually watched the movie 10 times already?

    Cheers mate! 😉

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