The Art Of Walking Fast

Well as I was running late and walking briskly to work from the MRT Train Station, I recalled reading an article from Men’s fitness magazine a year back.  Basically the article was about some tribesmen who could walk long distances at a fast pace without being too fatigued.  And they did so with their barefeet!

Needless to say I was intrigued and decided to try it out myself minus the barefoot bit and although I don’t remember all the nitty gritty details of it, I do recall the simplicity and the form of how it is done.  The beauty of the techinique is that it comprises of a little common sense and simple physics.  So how is it done already!? *chuckles*

Well all you do different, is lean forward at the ankles (not at the waist) look straight ahead and walk.  Keeping your back straight, with the momentum your legs will automatically adjust accordingly.  Think about it? Isn’t it simple? Making use of your own body weight to drive yourself forward.  Your calfs do not get fatigued or tensed up as quickly as it normally would. Your stride is whatever you’re comfortable with in relation to your own physicality.

The only thing I constantly check is my form and how I look in the reflection of the shop windows I pass hee hee

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