(DVD) Lillies Of The Field


After reading the Spiritual Autobiography of Sydney Poitier I just had to watch this movie in which he won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1963.  Quite an achievement since he was the first and youngest Black Male Actor to win at the age of 37.  It would be another 38 years before another Black Male Actor Denzel Washington would be given the same award.  Oh since we are on the subject, Hattie McDaniel won Best Supporting Actress for her role as ‘Mammy’ in ‘Gone With The Wind’ in 1939 while the only Black Actress to win the Best Actress Award so far is Halle Berry for ‘Monster’s Ball’ in 2001.

Okay back to the movie……I must say I enjoyed the whole movie and Mr. Poitier’s screen presence is phenomenal! Can’t really imagine him playing mere supporting roles though he started out that way.  And though this movie does lean a tiny little bit towards the Christian faith, I would say it covers a whole lot more ground.  Faith, hope, charity, perseverance, patience and respect to name a few.  If you want to read about the whole plot, you can do so here, however if you are planning to watch it then I would not recommend it.

By the way apart from this movie, I was searching to buy the DVD ‘To Sir With Love’ (1967) also starring Sydney Poitier and most of them listed between the 16-23 US range are ‘Out of Stock’ or back ordered.  On Amazon.com under ‘used or new’ the cheapest starts out at US57.58 *gasp* what’s up with that??? Have they totally stopped production or is it now a ‘Collectors Only’ item?

Where there is a will…..there is a way…..*winks*

2 Responses

  1. u buy your movies online?

  2. Hiya Neil….How are you?

    As for the DVDs, only those not available locally or available but cheaper to buy online. Also only those movies I want to keep to watch over and over. And YES they must be original! 😉

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