The Phone Call…

I was on way to work to do the night shift, and as I walked from the train station to my office, I was toying with the idea of blogging about the subtle art of flirting and it’s repercussions.  I even came up with a title for it, and it would read “So You Think You Can Flirt”. *grins*

I was barely fifteen minutes away to my office reception area when my mobile phone rang, and I wondered who it could be?  Was it the office or home? And what was the emergency? Since it was already late in the evening.  I looked at the LCD panel to see that it was an unlisted number or rather a private caller. 

My intuition told me it was my mother, but what could it be about?  Was one of my sons sick? Or did she or Dad have a fall? My wife was working late, and would only be home past midnight to attend to the emergency if any.  Or was the call about her? The only other reason I could think of was that she was concerned about me, as I wasn’t feeling too well the whole afternoon and so wanted to know if I reached the office alright.  All these thoughts flashed through my mind at warp speed!

So I took a deep breath, pressed ‘answer’ and said,”Hello?”

Mom : “Looks like you’ll have to continue working…..”

Me : “Huh? What’s up Ma?”

Mom : “You didn’t win the 10 million lah, so you’ll have to continue working” (laughs)

Me:*sigh of relief* “Oh Okay, you mean you checked the TOTO numbers (lottery tickets) for me and I didn’t win…..erm…thanks mom”

Mom : “So how are you feeling?”

Me   : “Much better….thanks….and you better try and get some rest.”

Mom : “Okay, take care and good night.” (hangs up)

*chuckles* That’s My mom for you……. 😉

5 Responses

  1. *bahahahaha* your mum is so cute! hahahaha…

    oi..when are u free …:P

  2. That she is! 😆 And she really knows how to keep us on our toes… 🙂

    And I replied on HUGS *points to entry on ‘I was here last night*

  3. awww : D

  4. Now I see where you developed your caring personality. 😉

  5. Now that’s so sweet of you to say so… *hugs*

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