Movie Jumper & Vista Park

Was looking through the papers to find a movie for the kids to watch but since there weren’t any we all decided to watch ‘Jumper.’

If you haven’t watched it yet….then DON’T! If you really must watch it then wait for the DVD to be available for rental. Somehow this movie seems to have been made for toddlers up to those in their early teens. It promises more than it can deliver. Even the ‘teleporting’ looked better when it was done by the ‘night crawler’ in X2 (Xmen). Now this is a movie I would rate 4 stars out of 10!

Well after that we went home to take a short afternoon nap, and later in the evening we brought the kids to Vista Park where they had some odd looking contraptions for the kids to play.

Can you spot Seth?

Seth trying to figure this one out… it!… we gooooo..

hee hee I’m young Willy in the chocolate factory…


Posing for ‘His World’ Magazine…

Can I join the circus dad?

Here we go round…..

4 Responses

  1. there is one such playground at my estate too :p kinda like that merry go round..but..i miss the old playgrounds..the ones with swings and seesaw 😛

  2. Ahem! I would only agree with you, If I could still sit on them without looking like a circus clown.. 😆

  3. yeah man miss the old playgrounds with the brick animals..that don’t resemble the real thing one bit…but it was cool la

  4. For the life of me I cannot remember the brick animals??
    I only recall the wooden see-saws and wooden seated swings with chains holding them up.

    And the metal slides which was way cool! cos it was high up. Oh and the merry-go-round which could reach awesome speeds! 😆

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